Why VRC?

Why do public companies, private equity firms, and asset managers rely on VRC for their critical valuation and advisory service requirements?

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Why VRC for Portfolio Valuation?

Learn why eminent private fund managers and their boards rely on our team.

Best Practices in Accounting for M&A Transactions (Part 2)

In the second episode of VRC’s video series, we discuss non-controlling interest in private equity deals and step acquisitions.

Best Practices in Accounting for M&A Transactions (Part 1)

In the first episode of VRC’s video series, we discuss determining the purchase price allocation in the deal, earnout structures, rollover equity, non-controlling interest in PE deals, and step acquisitions.

The State of Goodwill & Impairments

A video discussion about corporate goodwill, goodwill impairment, and financial analysis techniques that aid in determining if a business combination is living up to performance expectations.

Tax and Dealmaking

A valuation partner who understands the role and responsibilities of the tax professional can bridge solutions to meet acquisition objectives.

Managing Deal Stakeholders

Valuations need to meet the requirements of all stakeholders – corporate development, financial reporting & tax. Can it be done?

Deal-Related Accounting Implications

The role of the CFO and the corporate controller’s group continues to grow and evolve into a critical position with the deal team.

Stakeholder Alignment

Whether it is the original deal price, accounting related issues, or tax-related issues, you really have to have all of those parties on the same page, speaking the same language and communicating. Valuation is at the center of that.